SAGES Executive Board Meeting.


Steve Johnson

Carlton Brown

Bill Hazelton

Patti William

Martin Paquette

Rich Vannozzi


Minutes from 2010 approved.

SaGES 2013 Conference

Patti briefed us on the next Sages Meeting.  Cost effective conference. Date is set June 17-22, 2012.  SaGES meeting on Friday.  Stacey will setup a Open Journal Peer Review Journal.


Rich informed us that we are incorporated in Massachusetts.  Bank and legal documents can be sent to a Drop Box that the President, Vice President, Treasure and Secretary will have access to the Drop Box.  Dues will be $20 for two years of membership. Friendly amendment, student $5 for two years of membership. Stacey will setup a dues pay through the webpage. July 1, 2013- June 30, 2015.


SaGES will look at a concept of taking on the SaLIS Journal.

Next meeting

First week on October.