Present :
Charles Ghilani – President
Steven Johnson – President Elect
Richard Vannozzi – Treasure
Stacey Lyle Substitute for Joe Paiva – Secretary

Absent :

Opening: The chairman opens the meeting at 2:00pm est by President Charles Ghilani

Announcements: Tyler Junior College June 15-22, 2013.


The minutes are approved, with the following remarks: No prior minutes.

Change logo proposed.

Total-station will be replaced with GPS Satellites and Receiver. Motion to make it all red. Changes were accepted unanimously as presented. Changes to the Bylaws were proposed. Changes were accepted unanimously as presented.


Rich Vannozzi presented Treasurer Activities

Obtained IRS Tax ID Number

Incorporated on NFP in Common wealth of MA. Official name Surveying and Geographic Educators Society, Inc.
Budget report was given with an annual expense of $2850. Signature authority is Rich Vannozzi and Charles Ghilani. Suggestions of keeping records all digital with storage of all documents on a site accessible for the board members per year.


Items presented by President

Fees for the society was proposed at $20 per-person.

Leadership in Education Award

Officially adopted at the 1999 Purdue Conference
Purdue- Ken Curtiss and John McEntyre, Penn State Paul Wolf, Nova Scotia Not awarded, Texas A&M CC- Joe Loon, Ferris State- Earl Burkholder- East Tennessee State University- John Bossler, University Puerto Rico- Mayaquez Julio Rios Morales and Jenaro R. Negron Heredia. Chuck Ghilani asked for volunteers to serve on committee: Isamel Pagan, Khagendra Thapa, and Steve Frank volunteered. The role of the committee is to formalize the selection process, develop guidelines for award, and develop funding for travel for recipients of the awards.

 Membership Committees

Dues were discussed. Chuck serves as the ex-officio of the dues committee with Sal Marsico and Steve Johnson.

 Conference Committee

President Elect, Past (Linda Velez), Current (Patti Williams), Future (Carlton Brown) will be on the committee.

 Conference Contents

Proposals were given to allow the inclusion of nonpedagogical research papers and trade papers at the conference. Multi-session conference could implemented to allow for more papers. Proposal passed.


Passing to Steve Johnson as new president. Passed.


Future Conference Sites

University of Maine’s Carlton Brown presented a proposal of having it at UoM 2015. Martin Pequette suggested the Northwest as a backup location. Passed unanimously.


Nominations were held for positions.

Appointed was:

  •  Stacey Lyle: Secretary
  • Rich Vannozzi: Treasurer

Patti Williams elected as the President Elect.
Carlton Brown and Martin Paquette were elected as directors.


Future Directions


  • ASCE
  • ASEE
  • FIG
  • NSPS
  • Others
  • Stand alone

No affiliation with other societies was moved forward.
Membership committee should investigate additionally memberships such as Institutional and Associate memberships.


New Business

Lambda Sigma

Committee for Lambda Sigma was proposed by President Steve Johnson. Stacey Lyle, Steve Frank, and Sal Marsico.


Student Comment Announcement

Rich Vann0zzi announced student competition March 13-16, 2012 Portland Oregon. It will have a GIS focus. Information should be available in Mid-August.


SaGES Student Paper Competition

Awards committee should review the possibility of having a student poster session award during the conference.


SaGES taking on GLIS

Steve Frank presented the concept of SaGES taking on SaLIS Journal…point of information and comments.


Off years of Conference

Donny Sosa proposed that in the off years that SaGES have a yearly meeting at the Surveying Summit. President suggested that the Executive Committee consider that as a location.



Be it resolved that the membership of the Surveying and Geomatics Educators Society expresses their sincere gratitude to the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying, Dr. Ismael Pagán Trinidad, and Dr. Linda Vélez for hosting the XXIII Surveying and Geomatics Educators Society Conference, July 2011.

Pass Unanimously.

Motion brought forward concerning ACSM by Khgendra Thapa, motion was withdrawn.

Be it resolved that SaGES provide an ad-hoc committee to develop resources for incorporating sustainability into Geomatics curriculum.